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 WEDDINGS                                                                                               RENEWAL S                                                                              COMMITMENTS


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life! As your Marriage Celebrant, I will ensure that your ceremony reflects the couple you are.

Whether it be a small, intimate ceremony or a larger, formal ceremony, I will work with you to design this day, your way.


Renewal of Vows

What better way to celebrate a milestone of your love and time together than with a Renewal of Vows.

Whether you wish to do this with family and friends or quietly on your own, I will assist you to make this day, your way.



Marriage is not for every couple. A Commitment Ceremony is still a display of your love and dedication to each other.

Together we can create your own love story for this day, your way.


Private Parties


Naming Ceremonies

Many people today choose to have a personalised Naming Ceremony in place of the more formal Christening Ceremony.

Celebrating the birth and the special bond you share with your child is a wonderful beginning to their life journey.

Working with you, we can create this day, your way. 



Birthdays signify milestones reached throughout our lives and there is no better way to celebrate these than with a personalised ceremony to mark the occasion.

Let's work together to create this day, your way.


Other Life Events

There are many life events that we love to mark with a  ceremony: a ceremony created just for you.

Maybe it's your engagement,  or even divorce.

So, let's make this day, your way.


Corporate Events

     FUNERALS                    MEMORIALS                       RITUALS


Memorial services can be held in any location at anytime after a loved one has passed. Often they are held in a place of significance to the passed loved one such as a favourite park or beach, family home.

A ceremony to celebrate the joy this loved one gave us.

I will create a ceremony that gives purpose to this day, your way.



Rituals are a ceremony or action performed in a customary way. They are a connection with our culture and add valued meaning to our lives.

Rituals are used in all types of ceremonies: weddings, funerals, naming's and so on.

I can assist you to find the right ritual to enhance this day, your way.


Something that we are not often prepared for. I understand that.
With you, I can create ceremonies that are meaningful and respectful to ensure this day is your way.


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